April - When $%^# Happens...

Thursday night and you’re minutes away from finishing up a huge project when $%^# happens. The dreaded happens. The “Oh I’m never going to recover” happens. Your computer crashes and all appears lost. You submit a ticket to your IT company and you sit… and sit… and sit.

Now let’s just imagine if this was a worst-case scenario. It was a cyber attack on your SMB. Did you know…



While you are sitting and waiting for a response, you’re not just losing money, but also customer’s trust. Both of which you may never be able to recoup.





Next Generation Technologies Inc. understands even the smallest IT issue can cause notable downtime and loss of revenue. We know NO IT issue is too small to you and your bottom line. That’s why they’re never too small to us either and why Next Generation Technologies Inc., offers:

· Around the clock support and service - 24/7/365

· Unprecedented response time

· Help desk with wide range of skills and capabilities

· Trained experts on YOUR company’s network environment

· All trained on security measures so swift action occurs

· Scaled response for your company’s needs and issues

· Flexibility and adaptability to your needs

· Ability to choose the service-level & price-point that works for your business


We know your time is valuable...

All we need is 15 minutes to assess how NGT’s IT support can improve your business’ security and productivity.

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We know your IT may not be easy... but we promise it will be easy for you with Next Generation Technologies, Inc.