February - Enough is NOT Enough!

 Every small business owner knows how important it is to prioritize. A limited budget must be spent with care in order to maximize results. Security should be one of the top concerns and protecting against viruses should be one of the greatest concerns if you want to remain operational. Businesses rely heavily on digital communications and online platforms. When your computer system is compromised and network is rendered unusable by a virus, your business cannot perform at its peak or maybe at all. This means the loss of productivity, money and trust. You need to make sure you have robust antivirus protection in place and that you keep it up-to-date. What could happen if you don’t? Here are just a few reasons why antivirus protection is so important because there is a lot to lose.

It’s a matter of when, not if hackers come after you, and in most cases, those that go after small businesses simply use software designed to search for weaknesses. If you’re properly protected, they’ll likely move on to easier targets. This is why a firewall is not enough.

With technology rapidly advancing, there are new threats to computer security emerging all the time.  The right antivirus protection, when paired with other security measures, will give you the tools needed to combat threats, prevent attacks, and keep your small business up and running. This may seem like a lot for small businesses, but Next Generation Technologies, Inc. is here to help. We offer an array of Antivirus, Malware Desktop and Server Protection Services including Mail Shield specifically designed to keep your email safe of viruses and links to malicious websites, Behavior Shield which offers real-time protections from malware with a focus on preventing identity thieves form stealing personal information and more.


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