January - New Year = New IT Plan

The Holidays are over.  It’s time once again to look at your Information Technology Strategy Plan for the New Year.  Are you prepared for all that 2019 will bring including smarter cybercriminals, more cloud computing and telecommuting?
Next Generation Technologies, Inc. can help you get into shape!   Here’s how we’re preparing our current clients to be ready to meet and overcome all Information Technology Challenges for 2019 and beyond:

  • Yearly Technology Reviews – Strategic Planning for 2019 and Beyond!
  • Quarterly Reports and Status Update Meetings
  • IT Policy Creation and Controls
  • Onsite and Webinar Training
  • Proactive Maintenance
Organizations who embrace digital transformation enjoy 16% higher revenues, generate 26% more profit and have 12% greater market valuations!

Next Generation Technologies, Inc is known for our outstanding managed services, secure private cloud and customer service, but we can also help with other mission critical elements including:
Next Generation Technologies, Inc.’s goal is to provide technology services your organization needs to ensure your business runs efficiently and securely!

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The 5 Top Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2019

Emerging trends in technology continue to reshape how businesses operate, no matter the nature of your industry.  Here are the top five trends and predictions to help your business start 2019 successfully. 

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