July - Is Your Phone at Risk?

Your computer and website aren’t the only things that can be hacked. Did you know your smartphone can too and it’s easier than you think? Your smartphone probably knows more about you than you do. It knows where you are always. It knows every person you talk to and what you’ve said to them. It has your pictures, your passwords, your banking information and more. It is a digital passport to access everything a cyber criminal needs to know about a person. And THAT is why attacks on smartphones are on the rise. Millions of smartphones are hacked each year, but the question is… Would you even notice if your smartphone was hacked??

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 If you suspect that your phone is infected, run mobile anti-malware software (preferably run more than one vendor's offering) and remove any apps that you don't recognize.

If possible:

• Wipe the device

• Restore factory settings

• Reinstall apps from trusted app stores.

Obviously, use internet security software on your device going forward. If you are concerned that the device has been rooted by malware, show it to a professional.

Managing mobile devices is no longer an administrative nightmare to avoid at all costs. Do you know which mobile devices have company information? Are those devices locked down? Do you have the ability to wipe a lost device?

Next Generation Technologies, Inc. can provide insight to these important questions. We can perform the following actions on a managed mobile device:

•Email Setup

•Remote Wipe

•Corporate Security Policies


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