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Next Generation Technologies, Inc. can help you with that... from getting the right domain name for your business to the security needs for your website..

NGT is now offering domain name registration, website hosting and SSL security services.

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A phishing email is the top threat to small and medium-sized businesses. To keep your business and data safe it’s imperative to teach your employees how to identify one. By noticing a potential scam from the subject line, you can avoid clicking on it and serving up your credentials and your company’s network infrastructure

The top subject lines according to Barracuda analysis are based around the following key phrases:

 Click to see subject lines 7-12 that you should be wary of clicking on!

 To avoid being tricked by phishing emails — or having your computer infected by the viruses often attached inside — there are several practices which you can follow:

- Never open emails from suspicious addresses

- Never use the macro function in Microsoft Word

- Ensure that your antivirus software is up to date

- Running the latest and fully patched version of Windows or MacOS

Next Generation Technologies, Inc offers the essential email services our clients need from block viruses and spam to complying with industry regulations and requirements. NGT deploys, manages and updates these services remotely. Email Security makes it easy to secure inbound and outbound email communications with features that keep inboxes free of spam, encrypt emails to ensure they are delivered securely, and archive them to help you manage inbox size.

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