Antivirus/Malware Desktop/Server Protection Services

Antivirus, EndPoint Protection

Next Generation Technologies, Inc.'s antivirus components analyze information coming and going from your computer and within it, in real time. These components detect and block any suspicious file, dangerous website, unauthorized connection or other threats. Enable or disable any of the real-time protection antivirus components by using the toggles at the top of each tab.

    • File System Shield – Scans all files and programs for safety before they are allowed to open or run.
    • Behavior Shield – Offers real-time protections from malware with a focus on preventing identity thieves from stealing information, such as passwords, bank account and credit card numbers, and other personal data.
    • Mail Shield – Checks incoming and outgoing email messages for viruses and links to malicious websites. This only applies to messages handled by mail management software installed on your computer, such as MS Outlook.
    • Web Shield – Protects your system from threats while browsing the web. Also, prevents malicious scripts from running, event when you are offline.

    • Sandbox - allows you to run an application or browse the web in a completely isolated, safe environment.

    • Webcam Shield - prevents applications and malware from accessing your PC's webcam without your consent. With Webcam Shield enabled, untrusted applications can not capture images or videos and send the content outside of your PC to compromise your privacy.

    • Rescue Disk - allows you to create a bootable version of the Antivirus scanner on a USB or CD. This tool is especially useful to recover a PC hijacked by malware.

    • Data Shredder - enables you to irreversibly erase hard drive partitions or individual files with sensitive data (user data, licensed software, and so on), so that the data cannot be restored.