Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Next Generation Technologies, Inc. understands that your data is important, we also understand that your data resides on different devices.  How do you protect all the data on all the devices with a single solution?

NGT delivers a complete, cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution, built to serve our clients. 

Services include:

Protection Mission-Critical Data

Backup workstation files and folders or perform bare mental backups on servers to ensure all mission-critical data is secured.

Centrally Monitor and Manage

Set backup and recovery policies, receive alerts on backup failures and monitor all endpoints and sites under management.

Recover Quickly

If disaster strikes, simply recover data from either the cloud or onsite backup and restore to the newly designated location.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Other hybrid appliances limit the amount of cloud storage available, often based on the storage
capacity. The Data Protection Appliance provides unlimited cloud storage priced on a simple per
terabyte, per month basis.

Huge Capacity Range

Protect from 2 TBs to 176 TBs per appliance so you can start very small and grow to very large
on-premise storage configurations.