Secure Private Cloud

We are your server administrators. Next Generation Technologies, Inc. offers a completely redundant off-site virtual infrastructure and hosting solution. Next Generation Technologies, Inc. can virtually host servers and applications so you don't need to.




Private Cloud is a secure, internet-based hosted desktop where all the software that is traditionally located on your desktop is housed and managed on Next Generation Technologies, Inc. servers in our data centers.  Our Private Cloud service allows you to have full use of applications such as Microsoft Office, PDFCreator, Adobe Acrobat Reader and most third-party software—either on your existing desktop or on low-cost thin-client devices.  It’s a secure, trouble-free alternative to purchasing, managing and maintaining desktop equipment.

Benefits of Private Cloud

  • Scale your network when you need it
  • Secure your information
  • Don’t spend money reinventing a data center in your office with power, battery backups and redundant servers
  • Decentralize your office by providing secure access to ALL your company’s systems and not just email or a single application


Email has become one of those crucial applications – more so than your business phone in some cases. Next Generation Technologies, Inc. offers dedicated Email Server and Microsoft Exchange email hosting, and we host over 80%of our customer’s email.  Our servers can grow as your company grows, allowing you to only pay for the resources you’re using right now.  All email hosting includes our Complete Email Management solutions.

Benefits of Email Hosting

  • Never losing email to a power or Internet outage
  • Never worrying about the size of your inbox
  • Never outgrowing your server



Email security is a priority for all businesses, with the growing threat of hackers, viruses spam, phishing and identity theft, as well as the need to secure business information. From setup to security, Next Generation Technologies, Inc. offers a cost-effective, complete solution allows you to get back to work, fast.

Benefits of Complete Email Management 

  • Email Filtering
  • Message Continuity
  • Outbound Filtering
  • Email Encryption
  • Message Archiving